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Product Details

i-MailDS 3 is a simple to use full featured e-mail solution that runs on Novell NetWare 4 and higher.

Being quick and simple to configure, you'll have e-mail up and running on your network in no time at all.  Supports any standards based POP/SMTP clients such as Thunderbird, Outlook, Eudora etc.

Run Mode

User based

In user mode, i-MailDS acts as a full stand alone mail server.

Blind forwarder

This mode turns i-MailDS into a message relay.  The most common use for this mode is to download messages on a scheduled basis from a POP3 mail account, interrogate the message for the intended recipients, and forward the message to another mail system.

* With the free edition now available, the license provided will be a user based license.  Blind forwarding is enabled by choosing 'Force blind forwarder mode' on the Advanced tab of the user interface.

System Requirements

  • Novell NetWare 4.x or higher server with up to date service pack.
  • 2Mb free memory for base system. Additional memory may be required for heavily loaded systems.
  • 2Mb free hard disk space. Additional disk space requirements depend on e-mail usage.
  • Windows 95 or higher installation and administration workstation.

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