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Product Details

Forgotten your admin password? Disgruntled administrator left and deleted the admin user? Thought you were safe because you made yourself an admin equivalent and then went and deleted the admin user as a security precaution?

If any of these have happened to you, or you just want to protect against the possibility of any of these events, you need Genesis.

Designed to run on Novell NDS servers Genesis allows you to recreate a supervisory administrator in any part of your NDS tree to regain control in the event of losing the admin user or the password.

To demonstrate the capability of Genesis you can download the full product which will create a user with browse rights wherever you specify. When you purchase Genesis you will receive an unlock code specific to your NDS tree to keep safely locked away in case of emergency. This licence system ensures that would be hackers cannot gain access to your system without the appropriate documentation.

System Requirements

  • Novell NetWare 4 or higher server
  • Access to the NetWare system console
  • Media access to the server (i.e. 3.5" floppy)

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