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Thanks you for your interest in iMail5.  This version of iMail is currently in beta and includes all of the program features and functionality for testing and use.  During the beta phase, the software contains an expiration date which will continually be updated in each patch release.  It is important that you keep the software current to ensure you get all the bug fixes and security updates during this process.  When the release version of iMail5 is completed, the beta software will continue to work for a further 3 months to allow time to determine which version you need to use (click here for version comparison).

We make every effort to create software that fits your needs, so please take a moment to provide us with some information about the environment that you will be installing iMail into.  This information will not be shared with anyone and is for internal use only to give us a better understanding of how iMail is being used so we can continue to develop features relevant to you.

To ensure you are up to date with the latest version of iMail5, we strongly recommend that you subscribe your e-mail address to our update notification list.  When updates are posted, we will send out an e-mail to let you know that a new version is available for download.


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